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Our Story

We believe that everyone deserves healthy, high-quality pet food and treats – including our pets. In 2019, we had an idea to take what we have learned from our experience in human food and make a dog treat that was equally as healthy, safe, organic and human grade. That led to the creation of COOKIEPAL.

We began testing the recipe with large-scale production in mind, using organic ingredients like oats and lentils (or oat and lentil flour), molasses, coconut oil, cashew butter, and turmeric. All the while we were feeding it to animals and humans. Our goal was to create a tasty treat and maximize the nutritional benefits. Wagging and tails and big smiles were the first signs that dogs and their pet parents loved COOKIEPAL. A treat that even you can eat!


Giving back

Profits for Pets

RNF Pet Products Inc. is committed to helping pets in-need, that is why a percentage of profits is donated to animal rescues, charities and shelters across North America. We are passionate about helping others, animals included.


Accessibility – Our Commitment

One of the core values at RNF Pet Products Inc. is to deal with all people in a respectful manner. As a Company, we are committed to meeting all of the requirements of the AODA.


Multi-Year Accessibility Plan (2017-2021)

Customer Service Accessibility Policy