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Quality & Safety - Human Grade Vs Feed Grade

We make CookiePal with 100% Human Grade Ingredients.

If ingredients are not Human Grade they are classified as Feed Grade. What’s the difference?

Human Grade

  • 100% Human Grade quality ingredients found in healthy people food.
  • Made in a human food facility.
  • Meets strict food safety certifications and standards. 
    – both ingredients and facility.

Feed Grade

  • Ingredients not intended for human consumption, and may include animal by-products like feathers,waste fats and 4D meat.
  • Made in a Pet Food factory.
  • Meets basic standards for animal feed.

Feed grade ingredients are not things we want in our own stomachs, so why give them to your beloved pet?

Human Food Certifications

COOKIEPAL carries Human Food certifications and follows strict guidelines. Feel free to taste and enjoy the product, along with your pet. They are certified organic and non-GMO.

USDA Certified Organic

Our recipes meet the extremely difficult third-party organic certification requirements of the USDA organic certification. This include requirements for each and every ingredient, our production process, organic ingredient storage and handling, and more. These Organic Programs regulate the way organic food and ingredients are raised or grown, handled, processed and stored. Supporting organic farmers is integral to all COOKIEPAL operations and manufacturing processes because we care about making food that is good for people, their pets and the environment.                                         

NON-GMO Project Verified

A non-profit organization, the Non GMO Project is dedicated to the education and preservation of the non-GMO food supply and providing verified food choices. Our ingredients have gone through the best practice verification process.                      

Gluten Free Certified

Organization that applies strict standards to assure consumers with celiac disease and gluten intolerance of the safety of their foods. All finished products and ingredients bearing the logo must contain 10ppm or less of gluten and plants undergo annual

Gluten free certified logo